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Abu Dhabi: Tradition & The 21st Century

The story about how in one of the wealthiest... > Read More

Alaska State Troopers

They are the first line of defence on America’s... > Read More

Alcatraz: Defying The Rock

Surrounded by over a mile of frigid, shark-infested... > Read More

Amazon Headshrinkers

The story of the headshrinkers from Amazon. > Read More

American Hate

Their numbers topping 13,000, neo-Nazis... > Read More

American Skinheads

Stealthily assimilating into society, their... > Read More

America's Hardest Prison: Guantanamo

Gain exclusive access to Guantanamo, America's... > Read More

America's Hardest Prisons

We dare you to venture behind the bars of... > Read More

America's Lost Treasures

Curt and Kinga take the treasure hunt to... > Read More

Ancient Secrets

Uncover the secrets behind the world's most... > Read More

Ape Man

It’s not just chimpanzee who are in a constant... > Read More

Apocalypse World War I

By July 1918, there are more than one million... > Read More

Apocalypse: The Second World War

Declassified, colourised, and restored footage... > Read More

Area 51: The CIA's Secret Files

It’s the most famous military installation... > Read More

Aussie Icons with HG Nelson

From the Hills Hoist in the backyard to... > Read More

Australia: Life On The Edge

From the majesty of our vast natural environment... > Read More

Australia’s Desert War

With the Nazis sweeping through Europe,... > Read More

Australian Pirate Patrol

In a world first, follow the 193 men and... > Read More

Australians At War

This film takes a look behind the legend... > Read More

Australia's Hardest Prison

Witness the tense reality of life in a Super... > Read More

History Videos

Ancient X-Files: Secrets of the Dark Arts

Uncover a long lost manuscript by Sir Isaac... 2:57

Ancient X-Files: The Holy Grail

Could a chalice, guarded by a brotherhood... 2:46

Ancient X-Files: The Blood of Christ

Forget the Shroud of Turin. Can Jesus’ DNA... 1:46

Female Forgers

While men produced anchors, female workers... 2:56

Shipbuilding Accidents

Industrial Britain was a dangerous place... 2:55

Titanic's Women Workforce

Women worked in cloth mills to fill Titanic’s... 2:58

Physical Education

The electric horse was just one piece in... 2:59

The Heroes of the Titanic

In a simulation the team encounters similar... 2:44

Titanic Craftsmanship

Watch the traditional glass-making process... 2:58

Great Escape: The Untold Story

Of the 76 men who escaped a German POW camp... 2:26

Catacombs of Palermo

Mummy-experts try to rescue world’s greatest... 2:37

Rebuilding Titanic

Working with traditional methods used a... 3:03
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