Series 2 Episodes

Holy Shroud

Episode 1: Holy Shroud

Scientific advances since the Shroud of Turin was last tested in 1988 reveal letters hidden around the head of the mysterious religious relic – but who wrote them? And why?

Sodom And Gomorrah

Episode 2: Sodom And Gomorrah

Following clues in the Old Testament, an archaeologist believes he has discovered the location of the original cities of sin – Sodom and Gomorrah. Is this the origin of God's wrath on Earth?

The Mona Lisa Code

Episode 3: The Mona Lisa Code

New images of the Mona Lisa, taken to record its fading colours, may reveal more than cracks in the varnish. Follow the trail of a potential code in one of the world’s most famous paintings.

Decoding The Incas

Episode 4: Decoding The Incas

The Incas ruled most of South America 500 years ago without a written language, but they may have had a three dimensional communication system made from knots.

Crown of Thorns

Episode 5: Crown of Thorns

Does Christ’s crown of thorns, worn during his crucifixion, now reside in Paris? A Jesuit priest investigates a thorn from the Crown that appears to miraculously bleed.

Living Vampires

Episode 6: Living Vampires

Around the world, bodies have been dug up with stakes, stones or knives driven through their hearts. One man suspects a link and goes on the trail of the world's oldest suspected vampires.

The Mystery of Mary Magdelene

Episode 7: The Mystery of Mary Magdelene

Mary Magdalene has long been known as a repentant sinner and witness to the resurrection but newly uncovered Christian artefacts point to her as a victim of the biggest conspiracy in history.

Dawn of Man

Episode 8: Dawn of Man

Could a series of giant standing stones constructed some 12,000 years ago in Turkey represent the beginnings of the first civilised society and the birth of religion?

The Crucifixion

Episode 9: The Crucifixion

An archaeologist unearths new evidence that Christians on pilgrimages to Jerusalem are worshipping at the wrong sites.

Mayan Underworld

Episode 10: Mayan Underworld

An underwater archaeologist follows a trail of evidence across Mexico and Guatemala, in search of the entrance to the Mayan underworld of Xibalba.

The Great Flood

Episode 11: The Great Flood

Flood stories, similar to the Old Testament tale of Noah’s Ark, appear in ancient cultures around the world. Now new archaeological evidence may reveal the cause and location of this great flood.

Joan of Arc Conspiracy

Episode 12: Joan of Arc Conspiracy

The legendary Joan of Arc was famously burnt at the stake for being a witch, but when an author finds evidence suggesting Joan may have survived her execution, history could be changed forever.

Sword In The Stone

Episode 13: Sword In The Stone

Could the mysterious medieval sword lodged in stone in a remote church in Italy be connected to the legend of King Arthur? A world expert on Arthurian legends is on a mission to find out.