Banged Up Abroad

A holiday that ends in a foreign prison cell would be any traveller’s worst nightmare

Banged Up Abroad tells the harrowing stories of people who end up in situations beyond their worst nightmares.

This series tells the stories of people who, through naivety, stupidity or plain bad luck have been caught smuggling drugs or another illegal item they’ve been tricked into carrying through customs. Other adventurers have strayed too far off the beaten track and found themselves hostage to guerrilla forces. Follow these individuals as they find themselves falling deeper into an inescapable downward spiral, from their initial motivation for the trip to their moment of arrest. Their capture, navigation of an incomprehensible legal system, time in incarceration and the traumatic blow the experience has on their relationships with family and friends are all profiled in this eye-opening series.

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Friday, 31 July at 9:30pm

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