Series 1 Episodes

Pittsburgh Six

Episode 1: Pittsburgh Six

Six inmates outfox guards for months to build a tunnel out of a maximum security prison. But a drug overdose, dramatic car chase and tense armed stand-off results in them being put back behind bars.

The Escapist

Episode 2: The Escapist

Quawntay Adams is a high risk inmate due to his repeated escape attempts; but a 'state of the art' maximum security facility in Illinois is more than a match for this modern day Houdini.

Ohio's Most Wanted

Episode 3: Ohio's Most Wanted

Fleeing a robbery in Ohio, John Parsons destroys a close-knit community when he shoots an off-duty cop. No sooner is he locked up to face the death penalty, than he plans an ingenious means of escape.

Through The Roof

Episode 4: Through The Roof

Murderer Timothy Vail and his best friend escape from prison by chipping a hole through the concrete ceiling, but Vail falls nearly 40ft. Badly injured, he and his buddy go on the run from the law.

Escape To Vegas

Episode 5: Escape To Vegas

24 year old Jody Thompson, known as the cancer kid robber for his unusual methods when robbing Las Vegas bars, escapes from a 10-50 year prison sentence and goes back to his old ways while on the run.

The Texas Seven

Episode 6: The Texas Seven

A gang of seven hardened criminals hatch an elaborate plan to escape from a Texas prison. They remain at large for 41 days, sparking the biggest manhunt in US history.

Prison Romance

Episode 7: Prison Romance

When gang leader George Hyatte escapes from prison custody, he has an unlikely accomplice: his wife Jennifer, a prison nurse. But is it true love or is he using her for his fifth escape attempt?

The Running Man

Episode 8: The Running Man

A brush with death during a prison riot triggers armed robber Dennis Hope’s decision to escape. But he’ll only be free if he runs fast enough to pass the five mile search perimeter before it's set up.