Meet the Preppers: Martin Colvill, The Trucker Prepper


Martin Colvill, The Trucker Prepper

Photograph by Tim Metzger / Sharp Entertainment

"I’m preparing to survive, the next great depression caused by a world wide economic collapse."

Producer's note from Jennifer Redfearn: "After the recent economic crisis, Martin Colvill lost his home, and now lives on the road in his big rig with his wife Sara and their two mini dachshunds.  If the economy tanks and lawlessness reigns on the road, Martin fears his truck may become a hijacking target. His brother, Red, is helping Martin prep for the worst-case scenario. While we were with them we filmed an exercise in how to avoid a truck hijacking with a team of civilians and former soldiers.

I didn’t realize how visceral the exercise would be when prepping for the shoot from the office. When one of the former soldiers ran from the scrubby brush into the deserted street firing blanks at Martin, everyone’s adrenaline soared. Martin was transported from Martin the genial truck driver to Martin the road warrior, and the crew was struck by how seriously all of the role players acted out this potential threat.

Some other great takeaways from Martin are: mini dachshunds make excellent scavengers, and you can, in fact. disguise a bright white big rig by the side of the road."

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