Lost Faces Of The Bible

Series 1 Episodes

Delilah Revealed

Episode 1: Delilah Revealed

An exciting archaeological discovery puts a 3,000 year old female skull into the hands of a team of experts who set out to reconstruct the face of a Philistine lady.

Sacrifical Child

Episode 2: Sacrifical Child

A team of archaeological experts explore humanity's history of sacrifice while forensic artists reveal the face of a mysterious infant skull uncovered in Israel.

Ancient Warrior

Episode 3: Ancient Warrior

Six thousand years after his death, a team of experts try to determine how an ancient man lived and what he looked like in his final hours.

The Man Who Saw Jesus

Episode 4: The Man Who Saw Jesus

A team of experts travel across the remote villages and ancient synagogues of the Galilee region to reconstruct the life and face of a man who may have lived during Jesus’ lifetime.