Series 2 Episodes

Sitting Bull

Episode 1: Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull was the great chief who defied the US authorities and led the American Indians in a major massacre of US soldiers. But is the legend really true?

Captain Kidd

Episode 2: Captain Kidd

A reputable captain in 1600s New York society falls from grace when he becomes a pirate. But were a corrupt king and secret government conspiracy behind his execution? Was he really a murderer?

Lawrence Of Arabia

Episode 3: Lawrence Of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is seen by some as the great military mind of World War I in the Middle East, but by others as one of the greatest liars and charlatans of the 20th century.

Alexander The Great

Episode 4: Alexander The Great

It disappeared without trace in antiquity but does Alexander the Great’s tomb still exist today, renamed and venerated as a saint in one of the world’s grandest Christian basilicas?

Marco Polo

Episode 5: Marco Polo

Although he’s renowned for introducing the Western world to ice cream and pasta, scholars today find little evidence of Marco Polo’s journeys. Did he really exist? And if so, did he go to China?


Episode 6: Zorro

Zorro’s double-life, his romancing and skill with a sword in defence of the helpless have made him one of the most recognisable heroes in pop-culture. But is he based on a real historical figure?

Pope Joan

Episode 7: Pope Joan

Giving birth in public in Rome supposedly blew her cover, but how could a woman ever become Pope? Uncover the truth behind medieval reports of a female pope.


Episode 8: Hitler

What made Hitler the monster he became? Why did he rise to such a dominating position of power over the German people? Did his war experiences lead him to suffer an extreme psychological disorder?


Episode 9: Saladin

One of the greatest military commanders of all time, Saladin united much of the Muslim world almost a thousand years ago to defeat the Crusaders in battle and build an Arab empire never before seen.

Taj Mahal

Episode 10: Taj Mahal

Built by a heartbroken ruler, the Taj Mahal is both a tomb and one of the greatest monuments to love. Did the Shah also plan to raise a twin Taj of black marble, in sight of his wife’s resting place?

The Birth of Christ

Episode 11: The Birth of Christ

Much of what we think we know of the Nativity – when Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable – is more the result of misinterpretation, historical confusion, folklore and tradition.

Isaac Newton

Episode 12: Isaac Newton

Forget his reputation as a logical, considered scientist. Isaac Newton was secretive, paranoid and obsessive, spending his life trying to break Bible codes and hunting for the Philosopher's Stone.

The Virgin Queen

Episode 13: The Virgin Queen

Queen Elizabeth I’s relationship with her adviser the Earl of Leicester is the source of much gossip. When his wife dies in suspicious circumstances, rumours abound. Did the queen have her murdered?