Series 2 Episodes

Animal Apocalypse

Episode 1: Animal Apocalypse

They’re falling out of the skies, clogging up rivers and spoiling shorelines around the planet. Why are we seeing mass animal die-offs around the world?

Sasquatch Planet

Episode 2: Sasquatch Planet

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Abominable Snowman. Yeti. No matter what you call it, these large, hair-covered creatures that walk upright like humans have been spotted around the world.

Monsters Of The Deep

Episode 3: Monsters Of The Deep

From Loch Ness to the west coast of Canada, people are sightings sea creatures they can't explain. Are they seeing remnants of mythical beings or just mistaking ordinary creatures for something else?

Crop Circles

Episode 4: Crop Circles

Across the planet thousands of crop circles have been reported. Most of these patterns are dismissed as hoaxes, but could some of them be real?

Bermuda Triangle

Episode 5: Bermuda Triangle

Most scientists aren’t interested in the Bermuda Triangle, but there is a different mysterious area hovering just above the Earth that has gotten their attention.

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Life After Life

Episode 6: Life After Life

Some people near death report being bathed in images, sounds and feelings that change their lives forever. Are these experiences real, or is it all just a strange last gasp of the human brain?

The Haunted

Episode 7: The Haunted

Every culture has reports of strange encounters with apparitions or ghosts. Are these spirits caught between this world and the next, or are they merely figments of wild imaginations?

Doomsday Prophecies

Episode 8: Doomsday Prophecies

Are doomsday predictions an example of the unquenchable human desire to make sense out of the chaos of life – or a truly supernatural power?

Alien Encounters

Episode 9: Alien Encounters

Could UFOs be signs of intelligent life outside our planet, or are they just natural or man-made phenomena that some see as otherworldly?

Psychic Powers

Episode 10: Psychic Powers

In New Jersey a teenage girl is killed and a psychic claims she can see her murderer. Can psychics really help in police and government investigations?

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