Series 1 Episodes


Episode 1: Deviants?

In the animal world deviancy isn't just tolerated, it's a way of life. This is an extraordinary world of weird sex, of sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex.

Macho Males

Episode 2: Macho Males

Wild Sex tells the amazing stories and bizarre behaviours behind this universal urge. Uncover the male's penchant for aggression and how his methods of courting and protecting females can be hostile, violent and even fatal.

Femmes Fatales

Episode 3: Femmes Fatales

Watch how these femmes command the males of the animal world to obey their every whim. They are ruthless in deciding who will father their young, forcing males into raging battles, physical marathons and sexual Olympics.


Episode 4: Swingers

Not only is monogamy a rarity in the animal world but group sex is common. Leave old-fashioned ideas about commitment and loyalty behind and journey into the exciting, enticing world of group sex, where the promiscuous thrive.


Episode 5: Libido

Desire, genetic continuation & orgasm are among the motivating factors that drive animals in pursuit of sex. Uncover the bizarre world of the sex drive & discovers exactly what is driving the most primal urges on the planet.

The Hard Sell

Episode 6: The Hard Sell

The natural world is full of shameless self promoters using sexual signals which work on every level and attack every sense. It's a steamy look at the currency of sex, how it's marketed, bartered, and sometimes even bought.