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The seal crossing (01:35)

Nationl Geographic Channel


The seal crossing

What happens when the path home to a penguin colony... 01:35

Penguin Spa Time

These rockhopper penguins love their day spa. But... 01:22

Baby penguins first steps

A baby penguin will take its first steps only when... 01:38

Penguins Go Skating

What happens when you send in a robotic penguin with... 01:51

T-Rex Ultimate Survivor

When a T. rex loses its tail in a battle with another... 02:56

Stomach Like A Bird

The T. rex Autopsy team open up the stomach to discover... 02:50

Human Eye

As the T. rex Autopsy team dissect the dinosaur's... 03:04

Infamous Jaws

The T. rex Autopsy team investigate the dinosaur's... 02:48

David Attenborough Natural Curiosities

Sir David Attenborough has spent a lifetime documenting... 00:45

Crossing The Rhine

The Allies cross the Rhine and march towards Berlin. 01:33

Indoctrinated Germans

Germany turns to the remaining men to fill its army's... 01:19

Catching Fish

These majestic animals are the world's best fishers! 00:43

Croc Vs Lion

This nile crocodile goes head to head with not just... 03:07

Eagles go wing to wing

When it comes to food, these eagles put up a strong... 02:16

Christopher Nolan

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews director, screenwriter... 11:56

George Takei

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with actor, author... 12:22

Daytime Hunter

Day time hunting in Africa's Savannah. A Cheetah spots... 02:15

High Speed Manuevers

The lemurs must evade their deadly predator, the fossa,... 01:56

Pebble Thief

Antartica, watch these penguins rush to their traditional... 02:37

Base Jumper

Can you decode the danger facing this base jumper? 04:00