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Psychic Phenomena or Not? (01:05)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Psychic Phenomena or Not?

Illusionist Eric Leclerc needs only a deck of playing... 01:05

Prediction Payoff

Risk is often not as risky as it seems if you know... 01:43

Good Vibrations

This visually awesome experiment shows the complex... 01:35

Time Travel Telephone

Jason and some volunteers play a game that uses gestures,... 01:27

Super Speed Word Puzzle

Play a brain game that helps you tap into a part of... 02:48

Are You A Psychopath?

Take a test along with a group of partygoers to see... 02:48

Real Men Wear Pink

An experiment on unwitting mall shoppers gives us... 01:49

Blind Rage

Use this trick to resolve a conflict using your brain... 02:04


Advertisers know how to use your addictive tendencies... 01:51

Statue Trick

A terrifying experiment tests the fight-or-flight... 01:47

The War Generals


Survive The Tribe


Bulloch Family Ranch


Brain Games


Making A Blow Gun

Hazen is taught how to make a classic jungle weapon... 02:11

Foraging Under the Ice

Hazen tackles his claustrophobia to head underneath... 02:56

Hive Find

Hazen joins a tribe of bushmen in a rather uncomfortable... 02:27

Raid Compromised

The defenses around the St. Nazaire were formidable... 03:03