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Live Free Or Die (00:30)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Live Free Or Die

Follow five people who have chosen to leave the modern... 00:30

Crowd Control

If staircases looked like pianos, would more people... 00:30

Ultimate Airport Dubai Season 2

More planes to service, more passengers to assist... 00:30

4 Babies A Second

Follow the inspiring journeys of parents all over... 00:30

Comet Catcher: The Rosetta Landing

20 years in the making, 10 years in space. This is... 00:30

Grip It

David learns how to strengthen his grip from a group... 02:32

Seriously, Trees Are Amazing

In the beautiful Muir Woods forest, rockstar arborist... 02:28

Nice Ice

David visits Maine to check out lake ice. He meets... 01:58

Nightmare Scenario

David meets with a track coach to help him work out... 02:59

Paper Airplanes: The Musical

There are all kinds of goodies in this clip. David... 02:56

The Suzanne

Get step-by-step instructions on how to make the paper... 06:33

The Tube

Learn how to make a new kind of paper plane. 03:40

The Tumbling Wing

Let the paper plane guy show you how to make a paper... 03:43

What is Fire?

David tries to understand just exactly what fire is.... 01:51

The Boomerang

See how to make a paper plane that will come back... 14:54

Mechanical Thumb Club

David wants to understand the physics of a coin toss,... 03:11

Flies Eating Donuts

David consults a government ninja fly assassin to... 02:14

The Best Shoelaces Ever

David enlists the expertise of survivalist and animal... 02:53

Digging For Something

David goes deep by exchanging dialogue with others... 01:52

Australian UFO

Ron Sullivan recounts his encounter of strange lights... 02:35