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Et Tu Bruce (02:57)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Et Tu Bruce

Miss Sambuca is close to mutiny when Paul’s brother... 02:57

Hurt No More

Hard Merchandise tries to put an end to a fishing... 01:14

Never Give Up

The Dot com fights to catch a slob, but they have... 03:15

On Target

On the Lily, Captain Hollywood takes aim on a school... 01:26

Sneaky Fish

Dot com tries to keep ahead of the pack with a tuna... 02:26

Caught In A Monkfish

A diver in the Netherlands has an unfortunate run-in... 03:04

Night's Edge Engine Collapse

Captain Wes on the Night’s Edge is down an engine... 01:34

Nedra E's Net Woes

Captain Taylor’s net is stuck in a "rip" and his crew... 02:10

Battle For The Perfect Spot

The North Crow is having difficulties with an unknown... 01:11

Net Nightmares

Both Captain Taylor and Captain Dino have trouble... 02:26

Fishing Down to the Wire

Captain Taylor risks getting fined by keeping his... 02:32

The Duck Blind

The guys show how inventive they are to build a duck... 01:59

A Bad Idea

The guys are testing the cabin’s floor stability with... 02:38

Roads Going To Hell Fast

Tuffy tries to get the lumber up the mountain but... 02:00

Rope Bridges And Lofts

After finishing the rope bridge, the clients battle... 02:01

Off To School

Paulie and Tuffy put their faith in the school teacher... 02:26

The Old-Fashioned Way

The guys raise the first wall of their new cabin by... 01:08

The Clients

The Cabin Kings struggle to keep a client with big... 01:35

Who's Buying

An impromptu logging competition is helping Paulie... 02:19

Container Caravan

During the containers ride up the mountain, the guys... 01:53