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Going Deep With David Rees (00:30)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Going Deep With David Rees


Animal Fight Club: Season 2


Snake Night on Nat Geo WILD!


Tourist Or Venitian


Wild Canada


Camera Traps

Researchers set up cameras in hopes of catching images... 02:03

Mountain Monkeys

Meet the hermit-like snub-nosed monkey. 02:15

General McCaffrey on US Army Soldiers

General Barry McCaffrey talks about the US Army's... 02:04

Lt. General McMaster on the Surge

Lt. General H.R. McMaster recalls the strategy behind... 01:13

General Petraeus on Getting Wounded

During a training exercise, General Petraeus was badly... 01:56

General Casey on Iraqi Politics

General George Casey Jr. talks about the Iraqi government... 01:32

General Clark on the Iraq Invasion

General Wesley Clark talks about the reasoning behind... 02:59

Lt. General Eikenberry on Afghanistan

Lt. General Karl Eikenberry talks about the impact... 01:34

Lt. General Flynn on His Leadership Style

Lt. General Michael Flynn describes his unique and... 01:20

General Keane on General Petraeus's Strategy

General Jack Keane knew General Petraeus was the ideal... 02:29

General McChrystal on Black Hawk Down

General Stanley McChrystal gives his take on on what... 01:51

General Odierno on Leadership

General Raymond Odierno talks about how the US Army... 01:57

General Colin Powell on the Modern Army

General Powell describes how the US Army evolved with... 01:41

Bombs Over Baghdad

Generals McCaffrey and McMaster give firsthand accounts... 02:40

Post-Saddam Confusion

Generals speak candidly about the impacts of Paul... 03:01