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Tree Top Takedown (02:19)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Tree Top Takedown

Normally the koala is solitary, until mating season,... 02:19

Plastic Bag Problem

Dirty plastic bags mixed in with New York's recyclables... 03:04

Pride Takeover

Two lion brothers take a pride by force. 02:56

Coachwhip Tie-up

Two male coachwhip snakes are entangled in a deadly... 02:39

Attack of the Giant Salamanders

Two giant salamanders get into a brawl when one tries... 03:03

Cannibalistic Python

A rat thieving python challenges another python for... 02:59

Big Cat Fight

A young leopard is attacked by an older leopard while... 02:31

Hare-Pulling Love Taps

A male hare's aggressive advances turn into a fight... 01:59

North Tower Collapse

As they race to help evacuees from the World Trade... 02:58

Fake Paris

In order to deter German bombers during WWI, Parisians... 02:47

The Beginning of War

World War I begins with a dangerous ultimatum to Serbia... 03:04

Russian Revolution

The working class of Russia begins an uprising that... 03:05

Shrapnel Defense

The British develop metal helmets for their troops,... 03:09

A Bear In The Night

Casey Anderson witnesses some strange behavior on... 02:15

Flying Over Fire

George Kourounis attempts to traverse the potentially... 02:00

Live Or Die By the Code

Drug dealer Rico pushes drugs by the code without... 02:40

Child's Play

Det. Mendoza and his team track a mobile dealer through... 02:48

Make It, Take It

Drug dealer PT describes how his business breaks down,... 03:23

What's A Benzo?

Benzos plague the streets of Boston and Detective... 02:11

Molly Undercover

Detective Hoyt is working undercover to nab a street... 02:16