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A Pig for the Party (02:59)

Nationl Geographic Channel



A Pig for the Party

Wesley is in charge of butchering and cooking a pig... 02:59

Growing up in the Colony

Claudia wants to invite a runaway Hutterite boy to... 02:51

A Mother Shunned

The Hutterite Elders shun Bertha after it's discovered... 02:17

Learning to Work

Young Tristan discovers some of the harsh realities... 01:32

Carrying the Carcass

Bradley and Mark go hunting and bag a deer, which... 01:47

Sexist Soapmaking

Making soap is the job of the women on the colony... 02:06

Fruitless Hunt

Carver use to enjoy hunting season, but since his... 02:58

Elders Meeting

The elders meet to discuss colony business such as... 02:21

Wesley Gets a Date

On the road trip to Canada, Wesley comes out of his... 01:52

Claudia Asks for a Car

To get to a wedding in Canada, Claudia asks the colony... 02:20

A Healthy Supper

Wesley and Claudia decide to cook a healthy meal,... 02:18

Wesley Gets Hospitalized

After overexerting himself, Wesley collapses and is... 02:06

Scandalous Dress

Claudia goes to the bowling alley in an "English"... 02:59

Bed Building Blunder

When Wesley and Clinton make a measurement mistake... 02:22

Snowmobiling with Bertha

After missing a concert with Claudia, Bertha makes... 01:52

Clinton Gets Arrested

After taking a colony truck to town without permission,... 02:19

Wesley Gives a Tour

After giving a tour to visitors, Wesley learns that... 02:05

Mutton Busters

It's time for the annual Mutton Busting competition;... 02:46

Four Wheeler Race

A four wheeler race turns serious when one of the... 02:47

College for Claudia

Claudia dreams of going to college while her mother... 02:59