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Drug Bait (03:04)

Nationl Geographic Channel



The Real Argo: Life in Tehran

Cora Amburn-Lijek talks about life in Tehran leading... 01:11

Becoming Mr Nice

Howard Marks’ cannabis smuggling business starts to... 02:27

High Speed High Stakes

The outcome of a high-speed street drag race prompts... 01:39

A Very Good Score

Former Mobster Frank Cullotta recalls one of his first... 02:46

McCain's Imprisonment Begins

Senator John McCain shares his dramatic story of being... 03:00

In the Pit of Hell

An American prisoner in Peru describes his first few... 01:34

Dead Scared of Spiders

A routine customs stop turns terrifying when tarantulas... 02:49

Living The Life As A Drug Dealer

Shaun Attwood’s ecstasy business booms... and marks... 02:52

A Smelly Way to Break Out of Prison

Americans tunneling out of a Mexican prison face an... 02:44

Body Double

When you're impersonating Saddam Hussein's son, you... 01:47

Caught by the Police

With a scam this obvious, it has to be a set-up. 02:51

Doing the Job

According to this guy, drug smuggling is a piece of... 02:27

Hellish Prison Cell

Under threats to himself and his family, an Iraqi... 03:12

Hiding Drugs in Peru

How do you smuggle drugs from Peru? It's all in the... 03:07

Japanese Prison

Life in a Japanese prison is dominated by minute rules... 03:05

Narrow Escape

When a customs officer gets that look in his eye,... 02:37

Saudi Interrogation

A man arrested under suspicion of being a homosexual... 03:03

Sneaking Out

Suffering from what could be terminal cancer, a woman... 03:15

Swallowing Hash Pellets

Smuggling hash is hard to swallow. 02:42

Swimming Across the Border

A wanted woman swims to Brazil from Argentina to escape... 03:08

The Religious Police

For a gay man in Saudi Arabia, who you love can land... 02:41

Tortured in Iraq

Latif Yahia, Uday Hussein's body double, is tortured... 02:19

Women's Prison

Get an inside look at what Thailand's women's facilities... 02:57

Witness Protection

He betrayed his mob family and entered witness protection. 02:03

The Real Goodfella

The real Henry Hill speaks out about the movie Goodfellas. 04:58

Living in the Prison

For these wise guys, it was easy living in the prison. 02:37

Black Belt in Prison

The lone Brit in the prison survives because of his... 02:28

Caught in the Act

What happened near Junction 13 changed his life forever. 03:04

Cartel Set Up

Caught with a kilo of cocaine, he is thrown into a... 02:55

Drug Vest

Set up by a drug cartel, he wasn’t going to make it... 02:48

Heroin Sting

What happens when authorities find packs of heroin... 03:07

Knife Fights

A knife fight in jail means fighting for your life. 03:05

Counterfeit Money

How did these guys produce hundred dollar bills from... 02:56

Drug Bait

An American finds a tough crowd and a cement bed waiting... 03:04

Caught Redhanded

An American teenager does the walk of shame as she... 02:17