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Amazon Nightmare: Life Changing Encounters (03:12)

Nationl Geographic Channel



African Swamp Monster: Congo Monster Legend

Could there be a dinosaur-like creature in the swamps... 03:08

African Swamp Monster: Mokele-Mbembe Witness

Pat talks to a village elder in Langoue to hear about... 03:28

African Swamp Monster: Encounter

Pat talks with a local man about his experience with... 02:57

African Swamp Monster: Pat sets a trap

Pat looks for the best place to set a camera trap... 03:05

African Swamp Monster: Rustles in the Night

Pat heads out with his thermal imaging camera to find... 04:26

Sea Monster: Caddy

One of the world’s most legendary monsters is a sea... 02:27

Sea Monster: Encounters with a Sea Monster

Pat gets the low-down on the alleged sea creature... 02:57

Sea Monster: Mistaken Identity?

Is the sea serpent really an animal thought to be... 02:58

Sea Monster: Deep Sea

Spain heads to the bottom of the ocean to catch a... 04:27

Sea Monster: The Unexplored Depths

Pat takes to the high seas on a fishing boat to hear... 03:20

Mongolian Death Worm: Investigating the Death Worm

Pat heads to Mongolia to test his wrestling skills... 02:47

Mongolian Death Worm: Scared Family

An eyewitness in Mongolia talks about her terrifying... 02:50

Mongolian Death Worm: Not-So-Arid-Desert

Spain investigates the Gobi Desert's environment and... 03:20

Mongolian Death Worm: Creature Hunt

Pat finds a snake that might have been mistakenly... 02:39

Mongolian Death Worm: Caught on Camera

Several creatures are caught on camera but was Pat... 02:58

Ape Man Of Sumatra: Down to the Market

In Sumatra, locals have reported seeing a creature... 02:51

Ape Man Of Sumatra: Ape Man Home Invasion

Pat meets an eyewitness whose house was raided by... 03:32

Ape Man Of Sumatra: The Camera Trapper

Spain enlists a British camera trapper guide who came... 03:22

Ape Man Of Sumatra: On Orang Pendek's Trail

Pat and his guide finally find animal tracks in the... 03:03

Ape Man Of Sumatra: Nighttime Tracking

: Jeremy and Pat break out night vision cameras to... 02:57

Amazon Nightmare: Facing the Beast

Deep in the Brazilian Amazon lurk tales of a massive... 03:07

Amazon Nightmare: Tribal Hunter Initiation

Pat undergoes an insanely painful tribal ritual in... 04:21

Amazon Nightmare: Life Changing Encounters

Spain meets with a victim attacked by a mystery creature. 03:12

Amazon Nightmare: Mapinguari Mythology

Pat is privileged to hear tales of the mapinguari... 02:59

Amazon Nightmare: The Beasts Come Out At Night

Even Pat's guides won't follow him into the jungles... 03:04