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An Afternoon Baboon Snack (02:59)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Wildlife Dinner Party

Much to this leopard’s dismay, everyone in the national... 02:56

Predator Power vs Speed

When it comes to hunting, cheetahs have skillful speed,... 03:12

Matswane, King of Mashatu

Ben and Andrei (Project Manager of the Northern Tuli... 06:22

A New Frontier

In Mashatu Game Reserve, animals have been migrating... 04:20

The Elusive Leopard

Leopards are well known for being the most elusive... 04:15

Call of the Wild

Ben and his friend Juan demonstrate their funny solution... 01:01

The Hyena Cubs

The spotted hyenas find Ben and his crew at Mashatu 00:42


Ben talks about Mashatu and why people keep returning... 01:17

Eat Like a Cougar

Get a rare glimpse into cougar feeding behaviors. 02:34

Cougar Night Hunt

Cougars prey on anything that moves, but this cougar... 02:42

Cougar Capture

The team tags a cougar to track her during her breeding... 03:03

Lustful Cheetahs

Male cheetahs can sense when females are ready to... 02:59

Shadow Cat Traps

What makes this area a hotspot for jaguars? 02:13

Orphaned Cubs

Veterinarians scramble to keep rare, young clouded... 03:10

How To Be Wild

The orphaned clouded leopards enter the jungle. 02:36

Jaguar Tracks

Researchers follow tracks to find a jaguar that might... 01:46

Lioness Takedown

A pride of lionesses is ambushed by a two bachelor... 02:53

An Afternoon Baboon Snack

A lioness resorts to attacking a gang of baboons to... 02:59

In the Thick of Lion Territory

Filmmakers Derek and Beverly Joubert spend their lives... 02:51

Male Lions vs. Female Lions

Female lions do all of the hunting in a pride - the... 02:08