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Savannah's Notorious Killers (02:57)

Nationl Geographic Channel




Ben talks about Mashatu and why people keep returning... 01:17

Poultry Cravings

The cheetah cubs have underestimated their opponents... 01:36

Pack Of Brothers

A pack of three brothers come across a weakened wildebeest... 01:09

Savannah's Notorious Killers

Two male lions go after a cheetah mom’s cubs. Not... 02:57

Strike Of The African Wild Cat

The African Wild Cat shows why he’s a slick hunter. 01:55

Attack Of The Pride

Big Cats are successful in taking down big prey when... 02:17

The Big Cat Mutants

When in captivity, big cats can create genetic mutations... 01:52

Leopard Road

Assistant Cameraman Daniel Byers describes the differences... 01:45

Boone's Mission

Big cat trapper Boone Smith embarks on his most dangerous... 02:16

Pork for Dinner

A mother leopard stalks wild pigs for her cub's dinner. 02:55

Easy Prey

After being startled from sleep this leopard finds... 01:48