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Buying and Unbuying a Tank (02:59)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Buying and Unbuying a Tank

Buying a tank for a quarter of a million dollars seems... 02:59

Already Loaded

With only one way to unload a cannon, Constantine... 02:58

A Family Buisiness

Father and son run one of the largest antique gun... 01:54

Better to Ask for Forgivene

Alex test fires an extremely rare Civil War pistol... 02:49

Bringing History to Life

Alex takes off time from the shop to engage in a WWI... 02:48

Cannon School

Alex sends a team to cannon school to learn how to... 02:59

Dad Gets a Gardner

Christian heads to Fort Ross, Pa. looking to purchase... 02:53

Fear the Reaper

Alex's friend Frank bought a kit to build a Maxim... 02:53

Gatling Guns are Loud

One of the crew describes a day of filming at a Gatling... 01:04

Tangerine Dream

Alex has always wanted an authentic WWII Jeep; can... 02:56

The Big Sandy

Alex and his father are at the largest machine gun... 03:00

What to Shoot

The director describes his first time in the IMA warehouse... 01:18

Working with the Brits

Julie, the shipping manager, talks about having the... 00:51


Paul and Tom try to get a cannonball out of a century-old... 02:28

Chris's Friends

Alex meets up with some of Chris's friends to see... 01:41

Cowboy Ready

Alex must "Cowboy-up" at the 3-Bar Ranch as he introduces... 02:59

Does Susie Have A Sister?

Alex takes aim with a Remington 700 named Susie. 02:32

I Can See Through This Truck

Paul and Tom try to get a cannonball out of a century-old... 02:45

Martini, Anyone?

Paul has taken a challenge to hunt a deer with a Martini-Henry... 01:41