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Meet the Preppers: Kellene Bishop (03:58)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Auction Preppers

Jeff and his son attend storage auctions to stock... 02:20

Backup Upon Backup

For Johnny the rule of three takes on an additional... 01:52

Bunker Stew

Al lives in his bunker for three months out of every... 03:19

Girls and Knives

Alexis is perfecting her knife throwing… along with... 02:18

Prepare The Worms

In a Doomsday scenario, Ryan is prepared to eat anything... 02:54

Price of Prepping

Bryan May and his wife Lacey operate a fascinating... 02:34

Train Train Train

John tests out some serious firepower that will slice... 03:04

Prepper Tips: How to Build a Fire

In an emergency, you should always know how to start... 00:55

Prepper Tips: How To Forage

Chris shares some foraging tips for the urban survivor. 01:08

Apocalyptic Weaponry

According to this prepper, if you have PVC pipe and... 01:11

Bug Out Vacation

Tim and his family practice bugging out or going "on... 02:43

Caldera Eruption

A fireman prepares for the inevitable eruption of... 03:00

Prepper Tips: Finding Natural Medicine

Even with a rudimentary knowledge of native plant... 00:33

Prepper Tips: The Survival Pack

As Chris says, you are the best person to decide what... 00:52

Prepper Tips: Food Preservation

Just because the world is ending doesn't mean gourmet... 01:15

Pandemic Prepping

Donna Nash is readying herself and her family to survive... 03:00

Meet the Preppers: Chris Nyerges

Chris is preparing for the possibility of a devastating... 01:55

Meet the Preppers: Kellene Bishop

Kellene is preparing for a colossal financial collapse,... 03:58

Prepping on the Road

Martin and his wife Sarah have made their home and... 02:54

Self Sustaining Suburbia

Dennis McClung has created a self-sustaining garden... 03:00

The Bug In

Kellene and her husband Scott are ready to stay put... 01:38

Doris Day of Doom

Kathy Harrison may seem like a mild-mannered New Englander,... 02:48

Survival of the Fittest

Megan is preparing for a catastrophic oil crisis by... 02:58

The Croval

Tim is a prepper/entrepreneur who has fabricated a... 02:55

Women’s Self Defense

At the end of the world, you have to be ready to defend... 01:52

Wood Powered Car

David and Scott have teamed up to prep for the apocalypse... 02:48