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Peruvian Power (03:03)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Peruvian Power

Drug trafficker Manuel tries to push drugs across... 03:03


Weed trafficker Clyde shows how he brings Humbolt... 03:16

Live Or Die By the Code

Drug dealer Rico pushes drugs by the code without... 02:40

Child's Play

Det. Mendoza and his team track a mobile dealer through... 02:48

Make It, Take It

Drug dealer PT describes how his business breaks down,... 03:23

What's A Benzo?

Benzos plague the streets of Boston and Detective... 02:11

Molly Undercover

Detective Hoyt is working undercover to nab a street... 02:16

Drugs for Sale

The DEA set a trap to stem the flow of drugs through... 02:35

Junk In Their Trunk

Law officers crack down on a heroin distribution network... 03:10

Big Heroin

Dannika explains the social pressures of the LDS can... 02:27

Pot of Gold

Charisma explains why she takes PCP and how it affects... 02:55

Running Crack

Tom explains falling from a ranked skater to a crack... 02:49

Doc Hollywood

Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle was once the premier prescription... 02:45

Where the Rich Buy Drugs

Mr. Fence sells over 35 kinds of high grade drugs... 02:29

How To Make Crack

Crack maker, Baby Doh, shows how he turns regular... 02:00

Shooting Up in Vein

A heroin addict tries desperately to find a vein to... 02:13

Making Marijuana Concentrate

A medical marijuana grower shows why the Big Island’s... 02:55

Ketamine Dealer Bust

Undercover cops help to bust a drug dealer in action. 02:51

The K Hole

After three injections of Ketamine, he finally slips... 03:00

Hashish Importer

He buys Hash in Morocco and smuggles it into England... 03:05

Pure Cannabis Pollen

Farmers extract pollen from these plants to produce... 02:48

The Car Thief

His professional career as a car thief began at a... 03:15

The Crack Dealer

This dealer purifies and delivers crack in rival seller’s... 03:00

The Cocaine Producer

In this small town, the entire economy is fuelled... 02:57


Cannabis suppliers in Amsterdam's 234 coffee shops... 02:59


A Rastafarian poet and reggae singer talks about the... 02:59

Medicinal Cannabis

Fighting cervical cancer and fibromyalgia, Juliet... 02:56

Secret Garden

Kingston, Jamaica: a small-time cultivator farms high-grade... 02:52


El Paso's customs officers have seen every imaginable... 02:59

Addictive Imagery

Research suggests that cocaine is so addictive that... 02:54

A Loco Habit

Traffickers smuggle cocaine across the border, into... 02:52


Raised on plastic spoons and dope by his gang-banging... 03:00

Cocaine Farm

Meet a Colombian cocaine farmer, for whom growing... 03:00

Cocaine Lab

A war against cocaine. Special forces prepare to destroy... 03:00

Extreme Addiction

How does a 42 year-old wife and mother of three end... 02:58

Flowers To Needles

From poppy-flowers in Afghanistan to high-grade heroine... 03:00

Four Seasons

Operation Four Seasons plan to take hit a major heroin... 02:57

Safe Place

A government-run facility provides users with needles... 02:57

The Dealer

"JJ" sells heroin to support his own habit. Heroin... 03:00

Angels and Demons

A former addict talks about her road to addiction... 02:59

Crystal Addiction

Crank, crystal, glass or ice: more addictive than... 02:54

Meth Brain

A neuropsychiatrist investigates how drugs work and... 03:00

Meth Bust

Busted: A "cook" producing meth from his home, while... 02:51