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24-Hour Lifecycle (02:41)

Nationl Geographic Channel



24-Hour Lifecycle

The mayfly is born, lives through middle-age, and... 02:41

Abandoned Foal

A zebra foal's mother falls prey to the harsh conditions... 02:16

Ant Cam Rescue

Martin talks about capturing army ants feeding. 01:39

Antelope Knock Out!

The male kobs race to their breeding grounds in order... 02:20

A True Sea Monster

Whale sharks gracefully gobble down the fish eggs... 02:56

Baby Elephant Tragedy

The scorching sun proves to be too much for one elephant... 02:42

Bat Feeding Frenzy

After gorging on eucalyptus leaves, these bats begin... 02:54

Beach Battles

Producer Katie Bauer describes the seals battling... 01:43

Beastly River Battle

A tragic and violent scene plays out as wildebeest... 02:59

Bird v Camera

Andy talks about the crazy wind and the rooks who... 01:58

Bodies On The Battlefield

The competition for mates among these antelope is... 01:23

Butterfly Chase

Crew member talks about the plane they used to capture... 02:18


Migration Ecologist tests the first test ever of an... 02:57

Butterfly Threat

The final leg of the Monarch's journey is studded... 02:26

Camera And The Shark

Musical montage of underwater cameraman filming whale... 01:50

Camera Flight

Poole describes shooting wildebeest from a hot air... 01:56

Chasing Monarchs

Cameramen chase down the monarchs flying around a... 01:00

Cliff Edge

One cameraman hides inside a blind on a cliff ledge... 02:05

Crab Dance

After mating in the forest, red crab females descend... 02:58

Disguised Camera

A cameraman makes a special hide to get up close to... 02:56

Dust Storm

While searching for elephants, cameraman Bob Poole... 03:01

Dying Of Starvation

As the herd trudges through the Serengeti, some young... 02:56

Dying Wildebeest Baby

Cameraman Benam describes having to film a wildebeest... 02:48

Elephant Seal Wars

Elephant seal bulls fight for the title of beachmaster... 02:32

Elephant Search

Cameraman Bob Poole describes his method for filming... 02:33

Elephant SMS

Using Science to save Elephants by preventing them... 02:56

Falling Into A Shark

Crew member falls into the water near a great white... 01:50

Filming Ants

Martin Dohrn and company on the pains of filming ants. 02:17

Filming Tragedy

Jouberts talk about filming the foal with his dead... 02:22

Filming Zebras

Producers Beverly and Derek Joubert explain the highs... 01:12

Fish Finder

Cameraman Rick Rosenthal talks about finding fish... 01:55

Four Seasons

Katie Bauer describes treacherous weather conditions... 01:52


Martin Dohrn explains the Frankencam -- the handmade... 02:03

Gorging Golden Jellyfish

Golden jellies dive deep to feed -- but if they stay... 02:07

Great White Attack

Crew filming sharks gets hit by great white underneath... 01:34

Growing Up Butterfly

Witness the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly - from... 03:00

How To Film Insects

Martin talks about filming in the jungle with delicate... 01:32

Huge Seal Harems

Elephant seal bulls leave females alone long enough... 02:03

Iced Camera

This camera crew grabs some amazing walrus shots --... 03:26

Jellyfish In Danger

If jellyfish stray too far into the shadows of the... 02:25

Jellyfish Lake

Millions of golden jellyfish live in just one lake... 02:40

Jungle Camera

Martin talks about filming in the jungle with delicate... 01:30

Kob Stalker

Bob Poole talks about filming kob while in a special... 02:04

Left Behind

Poole finds a wildebeest stuck in the river - and... 03:19

Lost Crew

Crew gets lost trying to drive through Africa to find... 03:37

Math In Motion

Discover how mathematical patterns unlock the key... 02:59

Meeting Whales

Katie Bauer talks about how sensitive and amazing... 01:46

Millions Of Crab Babies

Red crab larvae hatch and head for dry land, covering... 02:22

Monarch Mating

Monarch butterflies descend to the forest floor in... 02:13

Monarchs And Milkweed

Producer Stephanie explains monarchs and milkweed... 01:47

Moonlit Crabs

Producer talks about filming crabs while on locations. 02:17

Motion Control

Cameraman Martin Dorhn describes the "Frankencam"... 01:18

Moving In Masses

A zebra foal and his father catch up with the herd... 01:43

Nomadic Elephants

The oldest female elephants lead their tribes in an... 02:32

Perpetual Motion

Despite the dangers that await, many species are beginning... 02:25

Prediction Play

Building mathematical models to predict the behaviour... 02:48

Red Crab Marathon

Crab males endure a harrowing journey towards sea... 02:33


After the zebras' seemingly mysterious journey lies... 01:45

Rhythm Of Life 1

Take a breathtaking ride on the tailwinds of billions... 02:10

Rhythm Of Life 2

Take a breathtaking ride on the tailwinds of billions... 02:01

Science Of Migration

The Inside Story of the science behind Migrations. 01:08

Seal-Stalking Sharks

Great whites go where the meal goes - and today that... 02:32

Searching For Whales

Producer Katie Bauer describes the arduous process... 01:31

Slow Drowning

Cameraman Bob Poole could only watch as a wildebeest... 01:38

Smooth Criminal

Katie Bauer describes the birds that would steal equipment... 02:05

Stalking Whales

Cameraman Rick Rosenthal talks about just how complicated... 01:53

Struggling To Mate

Species upon species converge in the Falkland Islands... 02:15

Sudan Kob Singles Bat

After a long journey, kobs begin their mating rituals... 02:08

Surviving A Dust Storm

An elephant army marches on through a dust storm towards... 02:12

Swimming With Whales

Katie talks about how the crew got so close to the... 01:55

The Bats Come Out At Night

Mother bats prepare for migration, giving their young... 02:55

Tough Shot

Katie talks about how hard it was to get a particular... 02:14

Tracking Mali Elephants

Cameraman Bob Poole and crew track elephants at night... 01:47


Cameraman Benam describes having to film a wildebeest... 02:54

Trapped By Elephants

After tracking elephants undetected, cameraman Bob... 03:29

Underwater Submersives

Producer David Hamlin goes underwater in a submersive... 02:01

Whale Close-Up

Rick talks about how he was able to get so close to... 01:46

Wildebeest Death Trek

Young cheetahs wait for newborn wildebeests, stalking... 05:53

Zebras On The Move

Thousands of zebra herds join together to begin an... 02:39