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Rachel takes Ricky under her wing (01:51)

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Rachel takes Ricky under her wing

Inmate Ricky finds a friend in the CCDC protective... 01:51

White Tigers Eat Peanut butter

Officers at the CCDC are trained to spot mental illness... 02:50

Cell Block Shakedown

Gang wars in the jail are escalating, and an elite... 02:58

Playing by the Rules

With house arrest comes a new set of rules and responsibilities. 02:57

Self Representation

Rickie has already been sentenced and is trying to... 02:51

Prison Mom

Tammy has been through the system so many times she... 02:21

Jail Mail

Two inmates at the CCDC in Las Vegas keep their relationship... 02:16

Prison Video Date

A video chat is the closest an inmate can get to his... 01:50

Drunk and Combative

When entering Las Vegas criminal system this inmate... 02:55

Prison Gangs

Ross Correctional Institution is home to 2600 inmates... 02:16

Against the Wall

This is how more than 50,000 people begin their day... 02:57

The Hustler

In the state of Ohio, a prison sentence begins with... 02:25