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Super Size: Nothing Little (04:25)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Walk Like A Dinosaur: Mapping The Footprints

In Fumanya, Spain, dinosaurs left tracks which fossilized... 02:53

Walk Like A Dinosaur: Long Strides

The Titanosaur tracks reveal the reason why these... 03:04

Walk Like A Dinosaur: Friable Tracks

What are the difficulties and problems involved in... 03:07

Walk Like A Dinosaur: Equations

An anthropologist calculates the speed of an animal... 03:11

Walk Like A Dinosaur: Baby Dino

Spanish colleagues show Phil the rare fossilized remains... 03:16

T Rex Trauma: Tough Survivors

Phil travels to Chicago to examine the largest dinosaur... 02:49

T RexTrauma: Stress Tests

Dr. Manning looks at evidence of dinosaurs healing... 02:30

T Rex Trauma: Shattered Leg

A simulation of the injury of a fossilized Gorgosaur... 02:42

T Rex Trauma: Recovery

Is it possible that a repaired bone could have actually... 04:32

T Rex Trauma: Massive Trauma

Phil examines in more detail the exact nature of the... 02:48

Super Size: Size Up

Is the largest dinosaur that ever existed still out... 03:12

Super Size: Nothing Little

Rodolfo introduces Phil and Bill to a model of the... 04:25

Super Size: Long Necks

This is the first time Phil is seeing a life sized... 02:57

Super Size: Limiting Heart

How did Sauropods manage to pump blood high enough... 03:20

Super Size: Breathe

Dr. Manning wonders how dinosaurs took in enough oxygen... 02:47

Skin Deep: Skin Secrets

Phil wants a skin sample to reveal what his Titanosaur... 03:03

Skin Deep: Leaving Argentina

Rodolfo offers Phil the chance to really get inside... 03:01

Skin Deep: Hercules

What is the dinosaur’s scaliest, scariest living relative?... 03:00

Skin Deep: Back To Life

We know a lot about their bones, but almost nothing... 03:07

Skin Deep: A Bigger Challenge

The Argentinosaurus spanned the length of three school... 02:57

Inside T Rex: Tree Of Life

Phil compares the T. Rex’s brain case to that of birds... 03:02

Inside T Rex: Strange Shape

Phil uses a block of foam to try and recreate the... 03:00

Inside T Rex: Stan's Skull

Dr. Manning begins to examine the skull of the second... 03:01

Inside T Rex: Get A Look Inside

C.T. scan technology is used to examine the original... 03:08

Inside T Rex: Family Ties

Dr. Manning examines the brains of an emu and an alligator... 03:19

In Living Colour

Scientist Phil Manning has spent four years researching... 02:33

In Living Colour: Giants Stadium

Paleontologists visiting China researching dinosaur... 02:22

In Living Colour: Feathers

Dr. Manning meets a Chinese Paleontologist to view... 02:49

In Living Colour: Camouflage

Special pigments on frogs and bird feathers reveal... 02:33