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Hybrid Gender (02:55)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Funeral Strippers

In Taiwan, respect for the recently deceased includes... 02:29

Foot Fetish Films

Not only is Doug a fearless champion of foot fetishists... 02:39

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Chad suffers from a rather severe case of OCD - but... 02:34

The Deliverance Minister

One minister in Jacksonville, Florida is trying to... 02:58

Baby Street Racer

Stavros makes some serious time on the race track... 02:48

Hybrid Gender

Chris Tina refuses to define herself by society's... 02:55


For two dogs in love, there can be only one option:... 02:59

Zentai Team

A couple enjoys parading through Chicago being both... 02:53

Balloon Infatuation

In Arkansas, one man has an undying love for his balloons. 01:08

Parasite Hunter

Sometimes your job comes down to painstakingly examining... 02:47


Meet a brave little boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome,... 03:00

Ugly Modelling Agency

These are no ordinary models, and this is no ordinary... 02:55

Celebrity Poo

If you are famous enough for this English collector's... 01:14

Being Superman

This collector has surgically transformed his own... 02:37

Extreme Bagel Heads

The new trend in body modification? Bagel heads -... 02:56

Purity Balls

Fathers escort their daughters to a special kind of... 02:47

Cambodian Love Huts

In a small Cambodian village, fathers build their... 02:52

Skulls Unlimited

A family business in Oklahoma restores and cleans... 02:52

Body Removal Service

It's a morbid job, but someone's gotta do it! A business... 03:07

DUI Arrest

A woman is stopped by the Arizona police and raises... 01:56

Alcohol-Related Violence

In Phoenix, Arizona, Labor Day weekend means a lot... 02:21


Welcome to the secret world of furries - people who... 03:00

A Real Life Superhero

In Seattle, one man has taken to the streets to fight... 02:59


Meet a polyamorous triad - a family with two men and... 03:00

Frog Smoothie Medicine

Having trouble with fertility? Some say a smoothie... 02:14

Extreme Rehab

For sufferers of addiction, one very unusual clinic... 03:06

Outback Boxing Tent

Regular joes jump into the ring with professional... 02:53

Women's MMA Fighting

It's not only men who step into the ring - women fighters... 02:50

Adult Baby

Stanley lives half his life pretending to be an infant.... 02:56

Gaming Addiction

As South Korea faces a gaming epidemic kids are encouraged... 03:00


How can hoarders begin to lose their attachments to... 02:54

Forbidden Love

In a dramatic example of objectum sexual, a woman... 02:38

Age Gap Relationships

When an older woman dates a younger man, it flips... 02:50

Fantasy Lives

The “maid” café phenomenon in Tokyo is growing and,... 02:25

Prison Proxy Wedding

Here comes the bride... Over prison radio a bride... 02:50

Prison Love

Can women change sexual preference based on circumstances?... 02:57

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

After 19 breast enhancements, she still wants them... 02:44


Despite being chronically malnourished, Isabelle is... 03:04