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Polar Bear Survival (03:10)

Nationl Geographic Channel



Great Grey Owl

This silent predator can hear movement under snow... 01:03

PInk RIver Dolphins

No one is sure why these dolphins are pink and why... 01:22

Spirit Bear Salmon Feast

Will the young bear be successful in his fish hunt? 02:27

Yearly Elk Brawl

In the fall, elk gather for a yearly brawl in open... 02:19

Big Horn Bash

A six-year-old ram taunts a bigger, stronger competitor. 02:12

Bison in Harsh Winter

Bison are built for the tough winters at Yellowstone... 01:07

Glorious Starscapes

See an incredible spot for stargazing. 01:24

Puma Dinner Menu

Would a skunk be a good meal for a Puma? 00:40

Gigantic School of Rays

Tens of thousands of rays come together and stretch... 02:15

Polar Bear Survival

A hungry mother bear waits for the sea to freeze so... 03:10

Lemon Shark Birth

A pregnant teenage shark finds a spot in the Bermuda... 02:25

Sea Lions

The Peruvian coast is Sea Lion paradise and one of... 02:26

Sea Nettle Jellyfish

Baby jellyfish pulse through the water and will soon... 01:25

Desert Penguins

Millions of seabirds build a home on the shores of... 02:50

Misfit Mustangs

An exiled wild horse tries to join a new group and... 02:22

Romantic Toad Romp

Toads emerge from the ground and mate in flooded desert... 01:51

Beaver Engineering

After spending an entire winter under ice, a beaver... 02:28

Gator Romance

Tempers flare as male alligators in Florida bellow... 02:48

Squid on Squid Action

The intelligent Red Devil squid can grow as long as... 02:05