Resident wildlife expert Ben Britton is wild about animals! Watch his videos here and learn more about his animal friends.

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Big Cat Week:Tiger Wars

A tiger family battles for dominance in... > Read More

20 Animals That Will Kill You

Wild animals kill people every day – but... > Read More

72 Dangerous Animals Australia

Australia is full of dangerous animals –... > Read More

A Penguin's Life

Beat the Christmas heat and plunge into... > Read More

A Wild Dog's Tale

After losing her pack, a lone wild dog in... > Read More

Aerial Assasins

An extreme birdhunter hunts for America’s... > Read More

Africa's Deadliest

From silent, unseen ambushers to masters... > Read More

Africa's Lost Eden

Mozambique's lush floodplains were known... > Read More

Alaska’s Wild Coast

Nestled in southeast Alaska, Glacier Bay... > Read More

Alaskan Killer Shark

Every year, millions of Pacific salmon head... > Read More

Alien Crab

Follow the incredible journey of the horseshoe... > Read More

Alpha Dogs

The pressure is on Bobby to make sure the... > Read More

America The Wild

Naturalist Casey Anderson is hot on the... > Read More

America’s Deadly Obsession: Snakes

Snake experts discuss the myths and realities... > Read More

American Buffalo: Battling Back

Buffalo dominated North America's Great... > Read More

American Cougar

For cougars in Jackson Hole, life has changed... > Read More

American Eagle

Bald eagle faces many threats for their... > Read More

American Tiger

With more tigers living in captivity in... > Read More

Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpent

Pound for pound, the South American anaconda... > Read More

Anaconda: Silent Killer

Peaceful. Gentle. Caring. Not words you... > Read More

And Man Created Dog

Wolves and humans forged a bond 15,000 years... > Read More

Animal Autopsy

See leading biologists and veterinary scientists... > Read More

Animal Extractors

Animals are all around us. Sometimes too... > Read More

Animal Fight Club

This is what happens when Africa’s wildest... > Read More

Animal Fugitives

Cows loose on campus. A monkey fleeing from... > Read More

Animal Impact

Normally they are too fast, too slow or... > Read More

Animal Intervention

Actress and animal advocate Alison Eastwood... > Read More

Animal Mega Moves

From the mighty elephant to the stately... > Read More

Animal Record Breakers

Meet the record holders of the animal world,... > Read More

Animal Superpowers

How can an octopus turn itself invisible... > Read More

Animal Underworld

Henry Rollins investigates where the real... > Read More

Animals Gone Wild

From the mysterious depths of the deep blue... > Read More

Ape Genius

Four champion linguists - a gorilla, chimpanzee,... > Read More

Attack Of The Big Cats

Armed with an arsenal of weapons and strength... > Read More

Attenborough: 60 Years In The Wild

Sir David Attenborough gives his unique... > Read More

Attenborough's Africa

David Attenborough takes a breathtaking... > Read More

Aussie Croc Invasion

Australia is the only place in the world... > Read More

Aussie Shark Girl

Meet 19-year-old Aussie eco-warrior Madison... > Read More

Aussie Strike Force

Australian Marine Biologist Jamie Seymour... > Read More

Australia's Deadliest

Our sprawling continent is undoubtedly a... > Read More

Australia's Deadliest: Shark Coast

WA’s pristine coastline has been ravaged... > Read More

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