• None Of The Above

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  • The 90s

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  • WWII's Greatest Raids

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  • Wild Australia

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  • Monster Fish

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  • Shark Kill Zone

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The largest reptile in the world is the Saltwater crocodile (Saltwater crocodile, Saltie, Crocodylus porosus). It can grow over 6 meters long with a weight of nearly a tonne.

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  • All new Drugs, Inc videos just up on the website. Check them out here: http://t.co/tr6HXMAnVJ

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  • Can a runner and a bicyclist beat a speeding trail of gasoline flames? Find out here: http://t.co/hz5SK1uKGi

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  • @AusBeck_M No news yet, but we'll post about it if/when we get it!

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