• Brain Games

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  • Survive The Tribe

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  • The War Generals

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  • Bulloch Family Ranch

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365 Days Of curiosity

It is believed that the superstition that opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck originated from the days of early Egypt. There was a fear that opening an umbrella inside would offend the God of the Sun.

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  • A young leopard is attacked by an older leopard while eating his kill in the open. http://t.co/skC3GTVR2V

    @natgeotvau2 days ago
  • Play a game that uses gestures, grunts, and pictures—the language of our ancestors—to communicate. http://t.co/Lr6HaSQVi9

    @natgeotvau1 minute ago
  • Advertisers know how to use your addictive tendencies to their advantage. Test it out for yourself here: http://t.co/fFVLhioFA6

    @natgeotvau4 days ago