How Hard Can Ostriches Kick

How Hard Can Ostriches Kick And Stomp?

Ostriches can kick up to 2,000 pounds (141 kilograms) per square inch. That’s twice as powerful as the best boxers. Ostriches have sharp talons that are approximately 4 inches long. Ostrich Kicks can kill humans, dogs or even a fully-grown lion.

How fast can a ostrich run?

This 300-pound bird is not only bulky, but it can also run at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Ostrich Facts

  • The Ostrich, not only is the largest bird in the world. The Ostrich has thin legs that help it stand upright, but its long legs can be used as a weapon. It is even capable of killing a Lion with a powerful kick.
  • Ostrich feet are only 4 inches long. They have two claws on their fingers or two toes per foot. They bend their knees in preparation for a kick, and their claws help them deliver a powerful kick. The Ostriches kick in the forward direction because this is where their legs can bend.
  • A professional boxer is only able to hit 800 pounds of force per square inch. An Ostrich is able to kick any human in one kick and kill it!
  • Scientists believe that the ostrich has a close relationship to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the giant dinosaur that caused havoc in Jurassic Park!
  • Lion vs Ostrich? Can an ostrich fight a lion or a tiger? You’ll find out how an ostrich defends himself in this article. The power of an ostrich’s kick force. You might be surprised to learn that ostriches are more powerful than you think.
  • The ostrich does not actually bury its head in the sand. However, they will sometimes hunker on the ground to camouflage.
  • The average ostrich is 6-9 feet tall (1.8-2.7 meters) and weighs up to 350 pounds (about 159.5 kg). Their legs can reach up to 16 feet per stride (about 4.9 m).
  • The largest eyes on any land animal are also those of the ostrich. The eyes of ostriches are nearly 2 inches (50.8mm) wide.

Ostriches are faster than cheetahs on long distances. They can sprint up to 40 mph and run for extended distances at 30 mph.

A lion can be killed by an ostrich. Ostriches are equipped with powerful legs, each of which has a deadly claw. One of these kicks can easily kill or hurt a lion. This is how ostriches defend themselves from predators like hyenas and crocodiles.

How Do Ostriches Attack?Ostriches Kick With Their Powerful Legs

Ostriches can attack in two different ways: by slashing and by ramming.

  1. Slash The most severe attack method is their foot. The predator’s lower abdomen or limbs are cut or slashed. The kick is downward and forward. The toenail of the fetus is sharp, and can be up to 4-6″ (10-15 cm) in length.
  2. Ram-and-Jump: It is more common, and can be surprising. The ram will hit the victim with its bony breastplate. The ram attack knocks the victim over and then jumps on them. You can imagine that an angry adult standing on your chest would cause injuries, such as contusions or broken ribs. A mature ostrich may weigh up to 320 lb. (145 kg).

Source US National Library of Health National Institutes of Health

Can an Ostrich kill a lion?

An ostrich’s leg has enough strength to kill a Lion.

The situation can change if more than one predator is present.

Ostriches as PreyHow Hard Can Ostriches Kick And Stomp

The ostrich is able to sprint at least 43 miles per hour, and distance run up to 31 miles per hours. The ostriches’ huge wings help them to maintain their balance. They can also act as rudders, allowing them to change direction quickly. Ostriches don’t hunt but they can still kill a predator with their powerful legs. The lions are not an exception.

Female lions weigh between 270 and 400 lb. Males can weight up to 570 lb. The average male ostrich can weigh up to 300 pounds. There are not as many predators as you might think. Ostriches are able to defend themselves thanks to their fast and powerful legs. They have a good defense system. Any predator will be deterred by a powerful kick from their clawed foot.

Sometimes predators will need to work together – for example, two lions and three cheetahs.

The Cheetah has been identified as one of the main predators for the Ostrich. This is due in part to its ability to keep pace with the powerful stride of an ostrich.

The cheetah is incredibly fast and can often take down an ostrich. They still need more than one to hunt an ostrich.

Hyenas, crocodiles are some of the other predators that the ostrich is likely to encounter.

Lions as Ostrich HuntersHow Hard Can Ostriches Kick

Let’s get to know the African Lion. Although they sound fierce, lions tend to be social and family-oriented within their own communities.

Females usually weigh half as much as males, at 280 pounds.

The average male lion eats 15 pounds (7 kilograms) of meat per day! The females will consume a bit less. They’ll eat around 10 lb. This is a lot meat. They are not picky because they have such a large appetite.

Lions eat anything they can imagine.

They eat a variety of animals, including wildebeests, crocodiles and zebras.

Sometimes lions hunt ostriches. It can be dangerous because the leg kick is sharp and has a talon.

The lions can only run at 50 miles per hour. This is a slow speed compared to the Cheetah, which can reach speeds of up to 76 miles per hour.

It can be difficult to hunt for them, especially if the prey is quicker than they are.

Lions are therefore sneaky hunter and scavenger. If a lion is able to stay out of view long enough to get close to the animal and pounce on it, then it can take it down.

The lion is not alone in its battle against the hyena. Hyenas are also solitary hunters and often compete with lions to find food.

Cheetahs are a problem similar to lions. They will often compete with lions to dominate the field and for prey.

Cheetahs vs Ostriches

The cheetah is smaller but faster. They hunt in packs.

Three cheetahs are seen in this video hunting an adult female ostrich.

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