• None Of The Above

    Saturday, 2 August at 6:30pm > Read More
  • The 90s

    Wednesday, 6 August at 7:30pm > Read More
  • WWII's Greatest Raids

    Sunday, 3 August at 8:30pm > Read More
  • Wild Australia

    Tuesday, 5 August at 7:30pm > Read More
  • Monster Fish

    Wednesday, 30 July at 10:30am > Read More
  • Shark Kill Zone

    Tuesday, 5 August at 8:30pm > Read More
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Thursday, 31 July at 3:30pm > Read More
  • Bondi Rescue

    Wednesday, 30 July at 11:30am > Read More
  • Aussie Recipes That Rock

    Wednesday, 30 July at 9:00am > Read More

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The musky rat kangaroo is a small ground-dwelling marsupial and the most primitive of all kangaroos.

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  • why am I watching American Beaver on the national geographic channel and why is it making me emotional

    @kaileykanaziz11 hours ago
  • Yes I've been watching the national geographic channel for 6 hours..what did you do all summer?

    @Allie_cat1011 hours ago
  • National Geographic Channel, home of great shows and RERUNS. Shame on you @NatGeo

    @RobinVanZuilen11 hours ago