Series 6 Episodes

Jonestown Cult Suicide

Episode 1: Jonestown Cult Suicide

When enigmatic cult leader Reverend Jim Jones calls all his followers together in South America, the resulting tragedy becomes the largest mass murder-suicide of US citizens in history.

Fire In The Cockpit

Episode 2: Fire In The Cockpit

After an inquiry that took four years, thousands of staff and millions of dollars, the investigation into the crash of Swissair Flight 111, and the 229 deaths it caused, reaches a shocking conclusion.

Black Hawk Down

Episode 3: Black Hawk Down

The true story that inspired the film. What should have been a simple snatch and grab operation for the US Army in Somalia turns into a battle that kills 18 Rangers and around 1,000 Somali civilians.

Into The Death Zone

Episode 4: Into The Death Zone

Just one day on Mount Everest saw the death of nine climbers, including New Zealand climbing veteran Rob Hall. Was it a fierce storm, extreme ambition or something else that caused their demise?

Terrified Over Tokyo

Episode 5: Terrified Over Tokyo

When a Boeing 747 crashes into a remote mountain-side resulting in the deadliest single-aircraft accident in aviation history, investigators are baffled… until a devastating truth is revealed.

Runaway Train

Episode 6: Runaway Train

A commuter train is leaving one of Paris's busiest train stations when a runaway train slams into it, killing 56 people in France's worst train crash

Nagasaki - The Forgotten Bomb

Episode 7: Nagasaki - The Forgotten Bomb

The use of the atomic bombs in World War II still excites controversy, particularly the necessity for the second bomb on Nagasaki. Could the war have been ended another way?

Norway Massacre

Episode 8: Norway Massacre

A lone gunman sets off an explosion in Oslo before slaughtering dozens of teenagers. In the bloody aftermath, officials must determine how and why this man caused one of Europe’s worst atrocities.

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Sinking The Coventry

Episode 9: Sinking The Coventry

In the midst of the Falklands War, a low level bomb attack from Argentinian jets capsizes the HMS Coventry within 20 minutes – why did the ship fall so quickly?

Chinook Helicopter Crash

Episode 10: Chinook Helicopter Crash

The investigation into a RAF Chinook helicopter crash in Northern Ireland quickly ignited controversy. Was there really enough evidence to call it pilot error?