Regrowing the Amazon forest is Having less Effect than expected

Regrowing the world’s largest forest is proving to be counterproductive. The beautiful forest located in BrazilRegrowing the Amazon but extending to Peru and other nations suffered when more than 800,000 square kilometers of its area was cleared.

Being the biggest in the world, you expect the whole globe to feel the effects of its deforestation. The encroachment has to be stopped completely, but that isn’t enough. Regrowing the Amazon forest had to be done as soon as possible lest we all see this world perish in the hands of global warming.

But, how effective has the reforestation been? Is it really meeting the expectations people had? Read on.

The Damage is already Done

Before Amazon suffered deforestation, the forest absorbed a lot of carbon (IV) oxide. Then came the heinous act that robed the world a beautiful forest. Trees were cut and the forest lost significant power to absorb carbon (IV) oxide.

Fortunately for the world, deforestation rates significantly reduced in 2010. That restored hope but not entirely as the selfish individuals resumed the bad act.

Amazon lost a lot of fertile land to encroachers. Well, concerned bodies mostly focused on the 60% that covers Brazil and forgets the other 40% that’s affected too. That has seen the Amazon continue to lose land to encroachers.

Well, the Amazon deforestation has caught the attention of many including big names. For that reason, voices have been raised to campaign for the afforestation of land.

Now, once a forest has lost its trees and the land used for farming, the space loses a significant composition of its fertility. Even if the area is cleared and trees planted again, the forest won’t be same again.

Afforestation will see trees grow again, but they won’t be as beautiful as they were before the forest was interfered with. Besides, the land won’t be as productive and so the trees won’t grow to their full potential.

Yes, the trees may become taller than before, but they won’t have the same power to absorb carbon (IV) oxide. Amazon has seen a significant number of trees regrown. But it has not yet regained its CO2 absorption power like it had before.

That means the people doing afforestation may be pursuing a good course. But the fact remains, the trees won’t be as productive as they used to before deforestation. That does not mean the Amazon afforestation process should stop.

In fact, this should be motivation enough to grow more trees and reclaim more Amazon forest land. That way, the forest will regain its power slowly but surely. In the long run, the world will feel the return of the ailing forest.

Bias Regrowth

Regrowing trees is never enough. Planting trees on the Amazon for the sake and focusing on a particular area like it’s happening now may not be the best approach.

Well, it is understandable that some countries having a section of the Amazon may pose hardships in supporting the reforestation. That does not mean it is not possible. It only means that focusing on the Brazil area of the Amazon only won’t be as productive.

There are many agreements at the moment with the goal to reduce emissions. These targets are not only pegged on Amazon but other forests in the world.

If we dwell only on planting trees at the Amazon alone, we may never succeed in achieving the goal of minimizing emissions. Therefore, the focus should not only be on Amazon but also spread to other parts of the world.

If this is done collectively, the over expectation most people have put on the beautiful Amazon forest may never be met. Besides, we must heavily involve the experts of the field and be willing to do this.

Scientists play a significant role in growing and maintaining forests. They have the skills to analyze and make informed decisions revolving around effective forest management.

Different nations have forests with different recovery behavior. Scientists can analyze the differences and make proposals on how to close the gap for a more balanced recovery rate.

Spreading knowledge       

Amazon is spread among nine countries. Brazil has the biggest share of this forest with the rest sharing just 40% of the land.

Reports show Brazil has the highest deforestation rate compared to the others. Focusing on Brazil, the nation also has nine Amazon states. Out of those, Para is the leading state in terms of deforestation. This is inversely proportional to the reducing rate of carbon absorption rate.

Sadly, Brazil also has the least rate of deforested land recovered. Perhaps that’s the reason more focus is being put on this South American nation.

UN Plans

Findings show shocking facts about the Amazon. The forest is taking more time to spread even after recovered land has been cleared. Besides, emissions are taking time to reduce and that is alarming.

However, UN is planning to push for better in the coming months and years. There’s a plan in November 2021 involving all stakeholders.

The goal is curving a way forward and finding a lasting solution to global warming. Also, on the cards, is the target to reduce emissions to zero.

Amazon is an important topic as it is one of the surest ways to get the world off the grip of increased global warming. Clearly, if something is done to restore Amazon back to its best state, the rest of the nations will follow suit and recover their forests too.

Once the trend has been established, the world will be on course to a green state. But its easier said than done. And that is why the UN and other responsible stakeholders have work to do.

Meanwhile, we can wait for the recommendations of the November 2021 meeting and see how things unfold. For now, we should hold hands and keep Regrowing trees in the Amazon forest. It may have a less effect than expected, but with time, things will become better.

In the end, we all have a responsibility to save the earth. That will make our lives better and the world free from global warming. Save animals like the beautiful squirrel monkey In The Amazon Forest

Squirrel Monkey In The Amazon Forest

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