The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

While living in East Africa and working as a wildlife photographer, the founder Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE encountered several pictures that made him laugh when he looked at his photos: an eagle through its back legs and a warthog’s bottom, looking at me. He realized that the humor in these photos was both funny, entertaining and a means for people to deal with the animals’ threats.

An interesting photo of an animal is very effective because there are no barriers to understanding and no taboos for negotiation. Harnessing the momentum of anthropomorphism (big words!) is one of the most potent triggers of human empathy that is well documented. To truly understand animals and the problems that affect them, you must treat them as inhabitants of the same planet.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award was born out of a passion for wild animals and decades of life and work experience in East Africa. Before we get into the finalists for 2021, here are a few winners over the years..

It started as a photography competition in 2015 in Paul’s small office on the USA River on the slopes of Mount Meru in northern Tanzania. Soon after, co-founder and photographer Tom Sullam were hired and later followed by Michelle Wood. Since then, under the leadership of its founder, the competition has developed into a global competition that can make a significant contribution to the magical world of wild animals.

The free competition is open to wildlife photography experts and novices to celebrate the joy of our natural world and highlight what we need to do to protect it. From frightened otters to cursed tortoises, photos of Comedy Wildlife transcend cultures and ages, making everyone smile.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award has become a fixed item on the calendar of the photo competition. Every year, we accept thousands of pictures from all over the world for each category and get global media coverage. Our competition pictures are trendy, attractive to people of all ages, and transcend all cultures and languages.

Novice and professional photographers can enter up to 10 pictures: 4 portfolio entries per year and six additional entries in different categories. 

Fundraising is not their primary purpose, but every year they choose a small grassroots conservation organization to support, your donations can strengthen their mission.

To see the full collection, donate or enter your submission, visit the team at:

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