Interesting Facts about Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, most of the Brazilian territory is located southern hemisphere, and a small part of its territory is located in the northern hemisphere. It is the giant of the continent, both in population and in size. The history of Brazil is full of economic turmoil that has gone from boom to bust, and the world traditionally has been welcomed by its culture.  Brazil offers several facts in terms of food, culture, and wildlife. Read more with Geography Scout

Interesting Facts about Brazil

Following are some facts about Brazil.

The Snake Island

The snake island, also known as Ilha Queimada Grande, is almost 93 miles away from Sao Paulo. This Island is known as one of the most dangerous islands on the planet; the Island is so dangerous that no one is allowed to enter. Researchers estimate that one to five snakes per square metre live on the Island. The snakes live on the many migratory birds that use the island as a resting place. The golden lancehead snake is the most popular and dangerous snake on the Island.

UNESCO World Heritage-Designated Sites

World Heritage Sites are given special care and protection, so that future generations can also enjoy them. Brazil consists of 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites divided into World Cultural and World Heritage Sites. Brazil is home to 14 cultural sites and seven natural UNESCO World Heritage-designated sites.

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Brazil is a country that contains many animals and plants on the planet, which makes it the most biodiverse country. According to the Biodiversity Finance Initiative website, there are more than 103,870 and at least 43,020 plant species currently known in the country. Brazil also has 64 national parks and more than 200 conservation units.

World’s Largest Carnival

No one can enjoy a party like Brazilians, and a party like Rio Carnival is enjoyed a lot by Brazilians. It is the world’s largest carnival held in Rio de Janeiro, which attracts millions of visitors worldwide. More than 400,000 foreign visitors participated in Rio de Janeiro’s annual carnival, a record number audience. The annual carnival, generally held during the first week of March.

Lungs of the World

Amazon rain forest is known as the lungs of the world. Amazon plays an essential role in shaping the world’s climate by regulating the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere. The area stores roughly 70 of the 200 billion tons of carbon locked up in tropical vegetation. Preserving this vegetable density is a vital tool in the fight against climate change.

Largest Producer of Coffee

Coffee is produced all around the world, but Brazil is known as the largest producer of coffee. Interestingly Brazil is one of the highest producers of coffee for the last 150 years. Brazil coffee is famous for its low acidity, creamy body, subtle bittersweet, decadent chocolate, and caramel notes, which make perfect flavoured coffees.

Largest River In The World

The Amazon is the largest river globally in South America and provides about 20% of the ocean’s freshwater. The Amazon River pumps out about 209,000 cubic meters per second of freshwater than seven of the largest independent rivers in the world combined.

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