Series 5 Episodes

The Bismarck

Episode 1: The Bismarck

The British Royal Navy’s battle with Bismarck proved to be a pivotal point in World War Two. A naval historian reveals the reason for Bismarck’s fate and the errors that impacted both sides.

Mountain Tsunami

Episode 2: Mountain Tsunami

Europe’s tallest dam is the jewel in the crown of an ambitious Italian hydro-electric scheme. That is, until a landslide occurs, killing more than 2,000 people and baffling scientists.

Waco Cult

Episode 3: Waco Cult

After a 51 day stand-off with religious cult the Branch Davidians, the FBI launch an assault and the resulting violence kills nearly 80 people. Was the charismatic cult leader to blame, or the FBI?

Japan's Nuclear Nightmare

Episode 4: Japan's Nuclear Nightmare

In 2011, a massive earthquake off Japan’s coast caused a meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Watch the situation unfold and uncover the errors that led to a foreseeable disaster.

The Deepwater Horizon

Episode 5: The Deepwater Horizon

Hours after passing a safety test, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico starts shooting flammable gas and crude oil, killing 11 workers. What decisions and failings led to the world’s biggest oil spill?

Mumbai Massacre

Episode 6: Mumbai Massacre

Terrifying failings give terrorists free reign of India's largest city, killing at will in front of the world's cameras, leaving 166 dead and Mumbai officials and residents to pick up the pieces.

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